Dexmet® expanded metals and foils are the materials of choice in bushing and bearing construction. As compared to the typical extruded material or woven material, Dexmet expanded metal save money by eliminating waste AND will not unravel. Dexmet expanded metals and foils are available in a wider range of widths, thicknesses, and open area configurations than any other material type. This combined with the ability to perform custom slitting, blanking, heat, and edge treatment makes Dexmet the premier supplier for all bushing and bearing needs.

Please consult with our sales and engineering professionals for specific materials characteristics in regards to your bushing application.


  • Economical Option to Alternative Materials
  • Uniform Material: One Piece Homogenous Design

    • No Unravelling
    • No bumpy surface due to overlap of warp and weft
  • Engineered pore size to achieve desire bonding with backing


  • Pore Size Starting at 0.001 inches
  • Base Material Thickness Down to 0.001 inches
  • Widths to 48 inches
  • Custom Blanking & Prefabrication Available
  • Heat and Coating Treatments Available

Common Materials

Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Nickel Alloys.

Dexmet Advantages Over Alternative Materials

  • Dexmet offers a wide range of expanded metal foils and can produce rolls up to 1,200mm (48”) in width.
  • Dexmet’s precision expansion process ensures high reproducibility leading to a more consistent final product and lower cost of quality.
  • Dexmet’s expansion process produces more finished product per pound of raw material than perforation. Scrap is also minimized because there is virtually no waste. The expansion process is the preferred choice when your design utilizes expensive, hard to procure materials.
  • Woven material can achieve smaller pore sizes than either expanded or perforated products. However, woven material has a tendency to “unwind” at the edges, which can lead to quality and/or manufacturing problems as well as safety issues.

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