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Expanded metal foils effective electrode materials for advanced battery chemistries

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Battery Electrode - Anode & Cathode Materials

The electrically active material comprising the electrodes of most modern battery designs are powders and require a mechanical support structure to hold them in place during the manufacturing process. This support structure also functions as a current collector and provides the electrical connection point for the external circuit.

Dexmet has been providing expanded metal for anode and cathode production for many decades. While most designs are proprietary, the battery chemistry generally determines the alloy used, while the active material composition determines the optimum mesh geometry.

expanded mesh for antennas

Extensive range of materials

Dexmet Corporation can expand any ductile metal. Our engineers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate metal to meet conductivity requirements for your battery.

Specific Conductivity

Each material contains numerous specifications that allow for specific resistivity requirements. Our sales and engineering staff can help tailor these parameters to meet the requirements set forth in your specific battery.

Increased Surface Area

The unique 3D geometry of expanded mesh provides surface area when seeking optimal adhesion and active material packing.

Typical Expanded Materials For Battery Chemistry

The charts below provide the typical expanded materials parameters based on battery chemistry


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MicroGrid® Expanded Metals for Advanced Battery, Capacitor & Energy Storage

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