Electric Heating Elements

Dexmet MicroGrid® and PolyGrid® Parameter

Dexmet has been producing heating elements in a variety of materials for many years. The most common materials are INCO 600, Nickel, Copper and Kanthal, however since we expand all ductile materials, we can create a configuration for you in most any metal.

The typical resistance range is between 0.006 to 2.0 Ohms per square. The most common uses for our heating elements are drum heaters, toasters and de-icing elements.

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Dexmet provides expanded metal for use in a wide variety of electrical heating applications. Like all resistive heating elements, they function according to Ohm’s Law V = i2R and are therefore sometimes referred to as “Ohmic heaters”. Expanded metal is frequently used in fluid flow heaters, where the liquid or gas to be heated passes through an expanded metal network. Dexmet’s precision controlled geometry assures repetitive results. Expanded metal may also be used in strip heaters, where the designer wants to spread out the thermal energy over a wide area. For more information call our technical support team.

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