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Dexmet offers corrugated expanded material to client base

Dexmet now offers a new process variation of corrugating their precision expanded materials. This process variation was developed for high-performance applications that require the expanded material to be much thicker or larger, that require more surface area and better cross-directional flow. Dexmet continues to apply new process variations...
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Implementing Expanded Metal Into Your Manufacturing Process

One of the questions that we frequently get from customers is, “We’re having trouble out in the shop working with your expanded metal mesh.  Is there anything I can do to make it easier for my manufacturing people?”  Fortunately, the answer is, “Yes, there is.” But let’s...
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Lightning Strike Testing

The video below shows test involving composite panels and how well they hold up to a lightning strike of 200,000 amps without the MicroGrid® protection and with Dexmet's MicroGrid® incorporated into the composite material. ...
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Annealing of Expanded Metals

Dexmet has been a leader in the heat treating of expanded metal products. The purpose behind the various processes depends on the application. The following is a discussion of some the options you may choose depending on your end requirements. Expanded material FULL...
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Lightning Strike Protection

Question From Reader: After doing numerous tests, we have found the aluminum to completely fail corrosion testing (in part due to dissimilar metals of stainless, brass, and aluminum). Since our system relies in part on continuity, our performance may suffer if the aluminum corrodes. Can you give me...
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The Dexmet Blog

The Dexmet Blog was setup to answer questions regarding the use of precision expanded metals and plastics in various applications. While you might not find all the answers that you are looking for, the blog will be a valuable resource for those who may have questions regarding the usage...
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