Dexmet offers corrugated expanded material to client base

Dexmet now offers a new process variation of corrugating their precision expanded materials. This process variation was developed for high-performance applications that require the expanded material to be much thicker or larger, that require more surface area and better cross-directional flow.

Dexmet continues to apply new process variations to their expanding process. This process variation provides a needed configuration of expanded materials to R&D and engineering departments that are currently developing new advanced battery, structural, filtration, fuel cell and renewable energy applications. See images below:

Top view of corrugated expanded metal

Side view of corrugated expanded metal









For more information on Dexmet’s new corrugated process or for samples of corrugated expanded material, contact Eric Toro, Dexmet’s marketing specialist via e-mail at Samples are subject to availability and may take up to two weeks to receive.

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