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Dexmet Market Segments

MicroGrid® and PolyGrid® Expanded Metals, Foils, and Plastics for:

  • Power Technologies
    Power Technologies

    Dexmet provides PolyGrid® and MicroGrid®, versatile materials for primary and secondary batteries, fuel cells & hydrogen generation applications.
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  • Filtration and Separation
    Industrial & Automotive Technologies

    Dexmet provides custom solutions for filtration and separation membrane support including PFOA-Free material.
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  • Lightning Strike Technology
    Lightning Strike Technology

    Copper and aluminum expanded MicroGrid® material designed to protect composite aircraft and carbon fiber blades against lightning strikes.
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  • Expanded Aluminum for Battery Applications
    Expanded Metals/Alloys For Fuel Cells, Advanced & Primary Batteries

    Contact: Steve Tucker
    Product Manager, Power Technologies
    E-mail: s.tucker@dexmet.com
    Direct: (203) 294-7866

    Power Technologies:
    Contact: John Hart
    Business Development Manager, Power Technologies
    E-mail: j.hart@dexmet.com
    Direct: (203) 294-7864
    Cell: (203) 514-8635

  • Expanded Plastics for Structural Applications
    Expanded Materials for Structual, Industrial & EMI/RFI Applications

    Contact: Debbie Christoff
    Product Manager, Industrial & Automotive Technologies
    E-mail: d.christoff@dexmet.com
    Direct: (203) 294-7863

    Industrial Technologies:
    Contact: Mark Graf
    Business Development, Industrial Technologies
    E-mail: m.graf@dexmet.com
    Direct: (203) 294-7888
    Cell: (978) 697-1985

  • expanded copper and aluminum for lightning strike protection and shielding
    Expanded Metals for Lightning Strike Protection, Shielding & Wind Power Applications

    Contact: Brett Macdonald
    Product Sales Manager Lightning Strike Technologies
    E-mail: b.macdonald@dexmet.com
    Direct: (203) 294-7867

    Marketing Materials:
    Contact: Eric Toro
    Marketing Communications Specialist
    E-mail: e.toro@dexmet.com
    Direct: (203) 294-7882