EMI Shielding

Our MicroGrid® expanded metal foils protect critical aerospace, medical, and automotive electronics from electromagnetic interference.

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Why Dexmet Solutions are Optimal For EMI Shielding

The Dexmet MicroGrid® EM series of expanded metal foils are versatile, effective materials for shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Expanded metal foils are formed from solid metal foil in a proven, economical “slit-and-stretch” process. They are electrically continuous and, unlike knit or woven meshes, exhibit consistent and predictable conductivity.

Thin, strong, flexible and lightweight, expanded metal foils will not fray or unravel, and conform readily to complex surfaces, making them well-suited to composite manufacturing processes.

Standard configurations include copper, aluminum, nickel and Monel meshes at .002 and .003″ thick (50 and 75µm). Dexmet can readily produce custom types using other metals and foil thicknesses, including Cu and Al types down to .001″ (25µm). The open area of the mesh can be precision-tailored to meet user requirements for weight, resistivity, formability and shielding effectiveness.


  • Shielded enclosures
  • Gaskets
  • Ventilation screens
  • Cable shielding
  • Laminated structures
  • Cockpit electronics

Effective EMI Shielding with MicroGrid® Precision Expanded Foils

EMI shielding application

Extensive range of materials

Dexmet offers a standard line of expanded metal foils for EMI shielding.

Custom tailored

MicroGrid® EM series of expanded foils are designed to cover most shielding applications, and serve as a "starting point" for custom designs tailored to user requirements.

Tested & Verified

All material is tested using ASTM D4935-10 test standards that yield verifiable and accurate SE values that agree well with theory, with customer-reported results, and with measurements by independent laboratories.

Shielding Effectiveness

EMI shielding effectiveness chart

Dexmet expanded foils retain the desirable properties of the materials from which they are formed. In the case of metals like copper and aluminum, this includes excellent shielding properties.

The key measure of merit for EMI shielding materials is “shielding effectiveness”. Shielding effectiveness is a measure of how well a material reduces (attenuates) electromagnetic field strength.

The SE of expanded metal foils is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Material type
  • Foil thickness
  • Size of openings
  • Openings per unit area

These parameters can be controlled during manufacturing to yield meshes custom-tailored for weight, resistivity and shielding effectiveness.

Flexible and conformable, they are excellent for components, enclosures and gaskets.


Shielding Effectiveness of Expanded Metal Foils

Download this valuable white paper on the advantages of expanded foils for shielding applications.

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