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Dexmet Announces Launch of New Website

Dexmet Corporation, a manufacturer of precision expanded open area materials for aerospace, automotive, power, structural and industrial applications launches a new website to help engineers find the information they need regarding expanded materials and its implementation in commercial applications.

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Protect Your Electronics With Formable EMI Shielding

Every single day, we encounter electromagnetic interference, also known as EMI. Garbled conversations and dropped cell phone calls; The "noise" your radio makes when you drive under power lines; crackles on your phone lines during lightning storms. EMI can create inconveniences, but there are much more dire repercussions to EMI.

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Dexmet at the EMC 2016 Show in Ottawa Canada

Dexmet will be exhibiting this year at the IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, July 25-29, 2016 held at the Shaw Center, Ottawa Canada Hall. Dexmet will be located in booth# 726 and we will be introducing Mark Graf, Business Development Industrial Technologies. Mark will be interested in speaking to the attendees on the benefits of our material in new shielding applications.

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