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By: admin on February 15th, 2011

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The Dexmet Blog

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The Dexmet Blog was setup to answer questions regarding the use of precision expanded metals and plastics in various applications.

While you might not find all the answers that you are looking for the blog will be a valuable resource for those who may have questions regarding the usage of expanded materials in their applications. We ask visitors to our blog to share information with us on how they were able to implement expanded materials into their applications and thus add that knowledge to this blog for others to read. For more detail information regarding expanded material, please visit our website at

Since this blog will allow others to comment, please keep in mind that the blog is designed around the usage of precision expanded material that is engineered to meet critical  application requirements. So please keep the post and comments relevant to the subject being discussed. Most answers to post will occur within 48 hours and thank you for visiting our blog