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Dexmet - Lightning Strike Technology

Lightning Strike Protection

Our company is known internationally, especially for work in the development of lightning strike protection for composite aircraft and carbon-fiber turbine blades.

Our clients include most of the world’s major airlines and aerospace equipment manufacturers, as well as a wide range of others in fields such as utilities and telecommunications.

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Dexmet - Power Technologies

Power Technologies - Electrochemistry

Electrodes in batteries serve two purposes, current collectors and a mechanical coating substrate.  Dexmet's expanded materials are uniquely structured to entrap the active powder or slurry into the openings during the coating process securely holding them during the cell manufacturing process. This support structure also functions as a current collector and provides the electrical connection point for the external circuit. We have many electrode designs suitable for different battery chemistry as well as Fuel Cells. 

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Dexmet - Industrial & Automotive Technology

Industrial & Automotive Technology

Dexmet precision expanded MicroGrid metals & expanded PolyGrid polymers are used in a host of industrial applications that span a wide variety of markets.  Many of the applications involve filtering of either gasses or fluids within medical, metering, semiconductor industries.  Expanded metal foils are also well utilized for thermal management and EMI/RFI shielding requirements.  OEM and aftermarket automotive manufacturers have also incorporated expanded materials within their components.  Typical applications include: low-cost bushings, airbag containment filters, high temperature gaskets, air filters and for EMI shielding.

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