Industrial Applications

The light weight and strength of Dexmet expanded MicroGrid® and PolyGrid® materials make it perfect for a wide variety of Industrial applications

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Versatile Materials for Leading Edge Applications

The light weight and strength of standard expanded metal and plastic make it a popular material for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Expanded materials are the "Swiss Army Knife" of open area products. The ability to easily change parameters of the material to dial in exact properties on strength, open area and weight make it perfect for applications from medical devices to heat exchangers.    

Some of the more common uses for Dexmet expanded metals and polymers are for Thermal Management, Heating Elements, Medical Devices, and Cathodic Protection.     

Thermal Interface & Dissipation

Thermal management in electronics is the efficient removal of heat. This process can include heat transfer to a heat dissipator like a heat sink or to dissipate heat to the ambient environment.

Dexmet's expanded metal foils go through a rigorous quality inspection process ensuring that they perform to client specifications. Dexmet can provide you with the key characteristics of it's expanded foils and polymers to help you choose the right material for your application.

  • Wide availability of conductive material
  • Geometry can be engineered to provide sufficient open area
  • Material can be processed for better surface contact resistance
The engineers at Dexmet have a thorough understanding of heat transfer fundamentals as well as knowledge of various interface materials.

electronics board

Heat Dissipation

Electronics and consumer products require the proper materials needed to ensure that the internal electronics stay cool, so whether that involves using expanded materials for a heat sink or using it to as a way to dissipate heat into the ambient environment. Dexmet can help develop a solution for your needs.

Dexmet has engineered expanded metal and polymers to have a high resistance to heat. We can develop a mesh that can help with heat dissipation in your applications.

Heating Elements

Dexmet expanded metals for high temperature applications

high temperature heating application

Dexmet has been producing heating elements in a variety of materials for many years. The most common materials are INCO 600, Nickel, Copper and Kanthal, however since we expand all ductile materials, we can create a configuration for you in most any metal. The typical resistance range is between 0.006 to 2.0 Ohms per square. The most common uses for our heating elements are drum heaters, toasters and de-icing elements.




Dexmet Expanded Polymers and foils have found success in many medical application

EMT using a defibrillator on man lying down

For medical and bio-medical markets, Dexmet precision expanded metals & expanded plastics are used in everything from medical instrumentation to medical devices and facilities.

Typical applications include: liquid and air filtration, defibrillator pads, hearing aid and specialized batteries. Medical design engineers continually innovate new applications for Dexmet expanded metals and expanded plastics.


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Expanded Material Terminology

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