Thin-gauge Perforated Foils

Building on its leadership in precision, thin-gauge expanded foils, Dexmet introduces a complementing line of meticulously-engineered, thin-gauge perforated metals and plastics.

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Perforated technology to complement Dexmet's expanded material

Expanded foils have been Dexmet's calling card for over 70 years.  No other manufacturer can match the consistency and uniformity of Dexmet's open-area products.

But there are applications where expanded foils meet their limits...  The relentless push toward thinner, lighter products has led the company to expand its expertise into an adjacent, complementary technology:  Perforated foils.

The precision, consistency, and volume production capabilities of Dexmet expanded products are now available in perforated format. Users in the aerospace, power storage, and filtration industries now have a further range of open-area foils to choose from.  Delivered right, and delivered on time. 


Ultra-thin foils, materials available:

From 140µm to as low as 15µm. Cu, Al, plastics; more materials to be added

Range of hole sizes and shapes:

0.5 to 5mm - round, square, elliptical

Low open areas:

From >30% to <<1%


Regular hexagonal pattern - circular openings:

Six-way symmetry for material strength and uniformity.  



Hexagonal pattern, elliptical openings

Good for tailoring directional conductivity.



Rectangular (or square) pattern, circular openings

A commonly used pattern for noise and weight reduction, and as a decorative finish.


Rectangular (or square pattern, rectangular (or square) openings

Square hole perforation allows for a high open area for applications that require ventilation.


Dexmet Perforated Materials

There are many factors to consider when choosing perforated materials.

Dexmet is able to perforate in a number of materials, shapes, and patterns. However, there are factors that influence the cost of perforated materials: material cost, the pattern level of difficulty (hole size vs. material thickness, perforation end patterns, tolerances, and the quantity ordered). 

It is always best to contact Dexmet so that we can recommend a product that is suitable for your application, or help in developing a perforated material that can fulfill your needs.

Dexmet specializes in open area products for appliances, audio, automotive, chemical, electrical, filtration, medical, power generation, and aerospace.

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