MicroGrid® Precision Expanded Metal Foils

Our expanded metal solutions are widely used in the aerospace, electrochemical, medical, and automotive industries that require precision open-area metals to improve their end products.

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About MicroGrid®

A superior alternative to woven wire, our precision expanded metals are used in a wide variety of applications that require an open-area product. Dexmet expanded metal foils are used for aerospace and wind turbine lightning strike protection, EMI shielding, advanced primary and secondary battery electrode design, automobile bearings and bushings, as well as air and hydraulic filtration systems. All our expanded metals can be tailored to meet specific mechanical and electrical performance parameters. Whether it's EMI shielding effectiveness or lightning strike conductivity, the process of metal foil expansion is infinitely variable and can be fine-tuned to meet your performance specifications. Dexmet MicroGrid® expanded metal foils are available in most ductile metals, or we can work with your proprietary material.

Metals we regularly produce include:

aluminum, copper, nickel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel (302, 316, 409, 430), titanium, brass, zinc, Monel™

  • One-piece, single-unit structure
  • Eliminates unraveling and contact resistance of woven mesh
  • Superior shielding, electrical and heat transfer properties
  • Wide range of sizes, patterns, angles and materials
  • Specialized process variations, such as flattening, pulling, and annealing available

Dexmet's typical standard expanded metal range can have diamond mesh sizes from .031" to .500″ (LWD). Open Area can range from as low as 30% to as high as 95%. The wide range in open areas can facilitate the use in laminations or coatings with a variety of other materials which may require a material to expand, contract or flex. Applications with unique parameters and requirements are perfect for expanded materials. Dexmet’s extensive manufacturing resources can accommodate many process variations for metal materials in a range of finished thicknesses.

Tool Codes and Configuration Ranges

Dexmet precision expanded metals offer superior performance and material savings for a range of materials and applications.

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Processing & Value Added Services

Dexmet’s process variations can meet your requirements for specific material qualities, including thickness, strength, conductivity, resistivity, corrosion resistance, and ease of material handling. The samples below demonstrate the versatility of our expanded metal foils. Please be sure to note the availability of Dexmet’s specialized manufacturing features.

Expanded metal of varying thickness

Variable Overall Thickness

After the material is expanded, the overall thickness of the mesh is greater than the original metal thickness. The final mesh thickness can be controlled to meet your needs. Each configuration has a practical range of overall thickness.

As a rule of thumb, the maximum thickness is 1.6 times the strand width. The minimum thickness is the original metal thickness, or slightly below the original thickness in the case of a reduced product. For example, the range for 5 Cu 7-125 would be .004″ – .011″. The overall thickness is not specified in the product code. Simply tell us what you require.

Flattened Expanded Metal

Flattened Product - P/N Reference "F"

The flattening process reduces material thickness back down to the original thickness of the raw material and creates a smoother mesh surface that’s similar to perforated metal. Pocket depth is also reduced or eliminated. In some cases, the material can be flattened, or "reduced", below the original raw material thickness which can slightly improve the strength of the material. Please consult the company for further information on flattening.


Distex Brick Material

Distex Brick Process - P/N Reference "DB"

Pulling the mesh after expanding can result in several desirable features. Pulling changes the shape of the opening. It increases the overall thickness in most configurations, and can increase the stiffness or tensile strength. Distex Brick material has a more symmetrical opening for conductivity in the LWD & SWD directions and also provides a more geometric shape with deeper pockets, excellent for accepting more filler or coating. 

Double Distex Brick Material

Double Distex Brick - P/N Reference "DDB"

Double pulling of the material changes the shape, so that the long way of the opening runs with the coil. Double pulling can also be used to change the symmetry of the electrical conductivity.


Expanded metal with selvaged edges

Selvage Edge Process - P/N Reference "SE"

Custom-designed, selvage edge equipment folds over the edge of the MicroGrid® material to the desired width. The resulting closed edge provides greater strength in the direction of the coil. Selvaging is a perfect example of our response to customer requests. Easier material handling, increased safety, and ease of use were all requests which selvaging accomplished by eliminating the normally rough edge. Many engineers also find that the selvage edge can be soldered or welded more easily.


material with solid metal and expanded metal welded together

Solid Intersperse or With Solid - P/N Reference "WS"

Dexmet can provide MicroGrid® configurations with solid (unexpanded) metal portions combined with expanded metal portions. Expanded/solid combination metal foils offer the ability to weld, braze or solder tabs or use has a hard point connection.


Expanded metal being annealed

Strand-Anneal or Batch Anneal Capabilities - P/N Reference "A"

Dexmet has developed a proprietary process that continuously anneals long rolls of MicroGrid® foils. Because MicroGrid is produced in roll form, batch annealing at high temperature can cause sintering. Strand-annealing allows for reel-to-reel continuous high temperature annealing which retains the the precision shape, tightness and straightness of the mesh without stretching. Dexmet’s annealed MicroGrid® is also soft and flexible, clean, and exceptionally flat. The annealed material can be precision heat treated to specification for unique electrical and mechanical characteristics. Dexmet also has equipment to perform batch annealing, the traditional method for annealing copper, silver and aluminum.

MicroGrid coated with graphene

Specialized Coatings or Plating


Dexmet has developed a number of coating capabilities in-house to provide customers performance enhancements in their applications. Whether it's an adhesion promoter for bonding adhesives and laminates or conductivity enhancers for better battery performance, Dexmet can provide a multitude of coatings to meet you requirements. Dexmet also has the ability to supply plated or clad materials as well. Some typical offerings are nickel plated steel, tin plated copper or copper cladded aluminum. Coatings normally add no appreciable thickness or weight and may be metallic or polymer, conductive or nonconductive.

Die cut and EDM Cut MicroGrid® mesh

Die Cut/EDM Cut Parts

Customers frequently turn to us to provide a finished piece, blanked to specification. Dexmet blanks parts from MicroGrid® materials for some of the most critical applications, and we are always prepared to discuss your needs.


packaged expanded metals

Packaging & Delivery Systems

Whether our unique, recyclable blue spools; special splicing; weight and outer-diameter criteria; or just-in-time delivery is called for, we’ll work with you to ensure that your MicroGrid® arrives when, where and how you want it.

Other Value-Added Services

Dexmet engineers are always ready to assist you with your unique product development or process integration issues.
We can also help with your overseas requirements, from crating to customs and freight forwarding. Let us assist with your MicroGrid® product.

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Dexmet has a wide variety of tooling configurations. Download a full list of tool geometries and the range of opening sizes, percentages of open areas and thicknesses that can be achieved with each of these Tool Codes to dial in on a product that meets your requirements.


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