Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero with lightning strike protection
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By: admin on November 8th, 2013

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Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero with lightning strike protection

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Henkel launches surfacing film with improved properties for aircraft - Henkel Press Release 11/5/2013


Henkel is launching its innovative epoxy-based surfacing film for composites, which offers honeycomb-cored composites enhanced protection against lightning strike. Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero is based on the modified epoxy film adhesive Loctite EA 9845 SF Aero. It produces a high quality finished part while also enabling a weight saving of 30 percent.

The increased use of composites in aerospace engineering is coupled with a demand for high-quality surface finishes on the associated parts. Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero is an epoxy-based surfacing film for composites that contains a lightweight conductive foil. It was developed to improve the surface quality of honeycomb-cored composite parts while protecting it from lightning strike damage.

The product reduces surface imperfections, offers a 30 percent weight saving compared to current surfacing films, and minimizes the pre-paint preparation requirement. In addition, the expanded conductive foil maximizes protection against lightning strike. The new product also simplifies repairs to damage caused by lightning.

Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero for durable, high-quality paintable surfaces

In line with the continuing trend toward lightweight construction, the use of Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero allows aircraft manufacturers to achieve weight savings of up to 30 percent. With its low areal weight, this surfacing film from Henkel minimizes core crush and reduces core mark-through. Increased resistance to UV radiation eliminates the need for sanding and reworking prior to painting. Even without sanding, Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero offers good paint adhesion, thereby increasing the durability of the composite parts’ finished surface.

Chemical resistance to paint stripper reduces the time required for masking, which in turn lowers composite part finishing costs. The surfacing film offers additional flexibility in that it can be cured within a temperature range of 120° to 176° Celsius. Innovative Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero can be applied to areas including the fuselage, wings, engine nacelles and control surfaces.

For more information, visit our website www.henkel.com/aerospace

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